Sliding Window Design and Track and How to Maintain Them

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For smaller spaces, sliding window design and doors are excellent choice since they don’t take spaces when those sliding windows and doors are opened. But homeowners must take care of their sliding doors and windows properly if they want their sliding doors and windows last longer. By maintaining sliding doors and windows, homeowners will be able to use them easily and smoothly.

Cleaning the Tracks of Sliding Window Glass Design

To make the sliding window design runs smoothly, we need to keep the tracks of sliding doors and windows clean. Check bottom track and make sure it is clean. Bottom track of sliding window and door is landing point of the window or door. If it is dirty, the window won’t run smoothly. To clean the track we only need to vacuum it when we clean our room. We can also scrub the track occasionally using dishwashing solution that’s mild.

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If there is hardened dirt on the track you want to banish, prepare detergent and steel wool or abrasive sponge. After using the detergent you must wipe the tracks dry then lubricate both upper track and lower track using silicone spray. If you clean the tracks of your sliding window design routinely, your sliding windows will always run smoothly.

Sliding window design is simple but adorable. It will also be durable if you know how to maintain it. Here is how to clean and maintain your sliding window.

Gallery of Sliding Window Design and Track and How to Maintain Them


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