Pop Ceiling Design and Its Surprising Facts You Better Know

pop ceiling design or pop ceiling drawings in bedroom interior design plus dark wood floor bedroom also purple curtains for bedroom

Pop ceiling of the design or plaster of france ceiling design actually is building material that the main component is gypsum. The plaster of Paris itself usually is used not only for coating the ceiling but also for coating the walls and for creating some architectural designs. The manufacturer of plaster or Paris manufactured it as dry powder then it will be mixed with the water in order to form paste when the plaster is going to be used.

Charming Interior with Decorative Pop Ceiling of the design Ideas

Compared to other ceiling designs, pop ceiling design is more durable and is lighter in weight. Besides, ceiling design made from plaster of france is having lower thermal conductivity. Since plaster of Paris itself is great fire resistant, pop ceiling is great material to insulate heat. While the ceiling is setting, it will not shrink, unlike the other ceiling designs. Pop ceiling will not develop the cracks on setting and heating.

bedroom decorating modern with white wall bedroom and pop ceiling design also wood floor and carpet combination in master bedroom

Unfortunately, pop ceiling also has some disadvantages like we cannot use gypsum plaster for our exterior since it is soluble in the water. Besides, gypsum is pricier compared to cement plaster. If you find moist situations, you cannot use the gypsum plaster. Also, if you need precise application for your pop ceiling design you need help from skilled labor and it is not cheap at all.

Pop ceiling a design from plaster of Paris makes your interior looks awesome, but won’t work outside your house. Find more facts about pop ceiling here.

Gallery of Pop Ceiling Design and Its Surprising Facts You Better Know


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