Kitchen Ceiling Designs and Gorgeous Colors for Kitchen Ceiling

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When the ceiling of other rooms is completed with gorgeous pendant, kitchen ceiling designs usually are so simple and uninteresting. If you cannot compliment your kitchen ceiling with pendant light, there is an alternative you can opt for to decorate the ceiling of your kitchen, it is painting the ceiling. Most kitchen ceilings are white; it is great since white makes the kitchen feels airier and wider. But white comes in many different hues.

Outstanding Kitchen Interior Ceiling with Beautiful Paint Color

Some hues of white are including warm toned white and white that has more of cool blue. When choosing the paint color for your kitchen ceiling, make sure to adjust the hue with kitchen walls color. For kitchens that have low ceiling, the best paint color for the ceiling is any color that is one or two shades lighter compared to kitchen walls’ color. The lighter kitchen ceiling designs will add height. If your kitchen has higher ceiling, you’re free to use darker color for ceiling and lighter color for walls.

kitchen ceiling designs or kitchen tray ceiling with wood kitchen cabinets also kitchen countertop dining table and wood flooring kitchen

White is great but it doesn’t mean you must paint your kitchen ceiling only with white. Make your kitchen ceiling looks more exciting by painting the ceiling with contrast color. When painting your kitchen ceiling designs, make sure your kitchen walls and anything on the walls like curtains, pictures, and anything else are covered so that the paint won’t ruin your kitchen’s beauty.

The kitchen ceiling Gorgeousof low ceiling and high ceiling are different. The rules to decorate those ceilings are different too. Here are those rules.

Gallery of Kitchen Ceiling Designs and Gorgeous Colors for Kitchen Ceiling


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