Floating Stairs: Your Safe Pair of Hands

floating stairs with glass railing

Floating stairs are really needed to access the upper floor of the house or office beside other various styles of stairs. Not only has the stairs their own style for the house but also it is followed by the interest of the modern house. It has to be more flexible, simpler but keep in elegant. The match concept of the demand is the floating stairs especially for minimalist concept.

Why Floating Stairs?

Floating stairs are staircase model that the footing looks like floating because some do not have a handle and protruding from the wall. This ladder has a high aesthetic value. The first picture of a floating staircase is modular. It has a straight model and black color. It is perfect paired with contrasting colors such as broken white on the wall. Its shadow will bounce gorgeously when you use the marble floor.

floating steel stairs

The second is a soft wooden. Soft colored of wooden steps that will fit combined with any color. Next there is two-way type. It is one model that will save much space in the lower floor. It is coated by wood with a handle. On the edge is colored in red and white to make it look nice. The last may look scary, but it is safe. It is floating stair made of glass. This ladder is transparent and very tastefully to modern minimalist concept. Mix it with a wooden floor and white colors on the wall will make the floating stairs look epic.

Description: Floating stairs can be one of the trends that fit to modern house concept especially minimalist. Come with various materials and models will wow you as well.

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