Engagement Cakes – Most Beautiful Designs for Her

dream engagement cakes funny

Engagement cakes with an attractive cakes and toping design will be unforgettable for couples. Before celebrate the wedding with wedding cakes, be sure also to give a special gift along with a special cake anyway. Beside beautiful decoration, some unique concepts can be applied in the engagement cakes design.

Engagement Cakes for Her

Confession cake with granule sprinkles, white cream, and a picture of a woman who is being engaged by her boyfriend made of solid chocolate will be an unforgettable gift. The cake can describe the couple’s happiness. Next, a meadow of flowers inspires a cake with roses and butterfly to be filled the entire engagement cakes layers.

modern engagement cake designs

Red fondant flower also steal the attention with the pink color that is highly favored by most women. There is also bride groom 3D character on a three layer chocolate truffle cake. It becomes one of the favorite designs. For more modern look, a simple cake with silhouette of women and men facing each other is also unique and interesting. Not just the silhouette, but also the cake is equipped with words of love and confession that meets to all the layers of white cakes. Which one would you like wrapping as a gift with engagement cakes?

Description: Engagement cakes will be an unforgettable gift for her before celebrate her truly special day. Give the most beautiful designs to represent the true feeling.

Gallery of Engagement Cakes – Most Beautiful Designs for Her


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