Dinosaur Cake 3D with T-Rex Figure for Birthday Boy

dinosaur on a cake

3D dinosaur cake is a popular cake among many boys. 3D cake design gains its popularity since five years ago. It has unique and interesting appearance unlike the conventional cake is that only drawn on the surface of the cake. 3D design of cake allows you to have cake figure or design that can be touched and has proper shape. There are many dinosaur designs that you can buy if you want to give the special birthday cake for your boy.

T-Rex Dinosaur Cake 3D Design

If you want to give something special for your birthday boy, you can choose T rex cake. T-rex is the fiercest dinosaur that often depicts in the movie or cartoon as the best hero or villain. Giving this dinosaur cake will make your boy feels happy and proud because he gets such an amazing and unique birthday cake.

cute dinosaur cake birthday

You can create different design of dinosaur figure in the cake from full body up to half body from small or big size. The concept of the cake depends on your choice. You can request the color and the design that you like because this 3D cake is made by sugar icing that is flexible to be made into many styles of dinosaur cake.

Description: 3D dinosaur cake is a special and unique birthday cake design for a birthday boy. T-rex cake is the most favorite figure because it is fierce and cool.

Gallery of Dinosaur Cake 3D with T-Rex Figure for Birthday Boy


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