Claddagh Wedding Ring Meaning and Symbolism

claddagh engagement and wedding ring sets

In traditional Irish, either Claddagh wedding ring or engagement ring is given. The Claddagh wedding ring sets have various meanings but they are generally revolving around the symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty, expressed through heart, crown, and hands, respectively. The origin is an Irish fishing village named Claddagh and the ring was produced for the first time in the 17th century.

Symbolism of Claddagh Wedding Ring

The wide meaning of this traditional Irish ring makes it popular not only as Claddagh wedding ring, but also as a symbol of friendship.It is also a common tradition for mothers to give the rings to their daughters, or even grandmothers to granddaughters. Even until now, Claddagh rings are still popular among the Irish, including those of Irish heritage.

diamond claddagh wedding ring sets

In which hand and the way the ring worn used to be a sign of the relationship status of the ring wearer—e.g.: the wearer is married if the ring is worn on the left hand and the point of the heart is towards the wrist. There are also other variations localized and traditions delivered orally about how the Claddagh wedding ring or engagement ring is worn and have a certain symbolism meaning about the wearer.

Description:Claddagh wedding ring or general Claddagh ring is originated from a village named Claddagh and each symbol has certain meaning: loyalty, love, and friendship.

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