Bathroom Wall Covering Options to Keep the Surface Awesome

white bathroom wall with bathroom tlie pus shefl

If you plan to remodel your bathroom, minding the bathroom wall will always be a great idea. In this case, the room should be improved not only to make the wall more attractive, but also protected from the humidity and moisture. Here are some of the most recommended bathroom wall coverings which are ideal for this purpose.

Bathroom Wall Covering Surfaces

Vinyl-coated wallpaper will be a great choice to cover your bathroom wall, thanks to its waterproof properties. The installation is easy and you can opt for the peelable one for easier reapplication. Even so, note that the peelable vinyl wallpaper may not adhere to certain surfaces, such as matte, rough, or flat one. Meanwhile, painting is probably the most popular choice of wall covering for bathroom. Opt for the special bathroom paint that is formulated with added anti-microbial properties to prevent mold and mildew from developing.

vanity floating and white bathroom wall with six square tile

Tiling the wall is also one of the most popular solutions. Opt for the glass or ceramic which can also be applied to the surfaces such as backsplash and wainscot. Be sure the installation is performed carefully to ensure that the surface will be waterproof. Even so, with bathroom wall tile, you need to design it carefully; otherwise, the tiles may make the room visually cluttered.

Description: Bathroom wall is always prone to the damages from mold and mildew. Cover the wall with these options to make it last longer and maintain its appearance.

Gallery of Bathroom Wall Covering Options to Keep the Surface Awesome


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