Backyard Pool Designs: A Small Pool to Bring a Big Joy

backyard pool and patiobackyard pool and patio

Backyard pool designs come with more various concepts following the development trend of modern house. Swimming does provide many benefits and is one of sports that many people enjoy. Having a private swimming pool in the backyard can be one way to canalize the hobby of swimming. If the area in the backyard is narrow, do not be afraid to make a tiny pool.

Stunning Small Backyard Pool Designs

Since the minimalist concept is still in great demand until today, the contemporary pool can be one option as backyard pool designs. Exists in ordinary, simple, rectangular shape, and do not have a lot of frills. Although it belongs to small backyard pool ideas, it is very fitting for a narrow area. You can still feel the atmosphere of summer and sunbathing comfortably. If you do not like the classic model of a rectangle, you will love the curves pool.

backyard pool landscaping

It will be more fun when combined with a Jacuzzi and a mini waterfall then surrounded by trees to evoke the atmosphere of cool tropical forest. To save more spaces is by making the plunge pool. You can turn the rest of the space into a place for relaxing, playing, spa, or a barbecue party. You may also love to put a basketball ring to bring you into happiness in the backyard pool designs.

Description: Backyard pool designs now are not only belong to a big house but also a house with small backyard. Make your own small pool and bring all the joy within.

Gallery of Backyard Pool Designs: A Small Pool to Bring a Big Joy


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