Attic Stairs: Maximize the Room with Easy Access

best attic stairs

Attic stairs are absolutely an important access to the attic. Attic is very useful as additional or complements room which can be made as storeroom, guest room, place for relaxing, studying, and many more. So to install the attic stairs, we need to know what kind of stairs that is suitable to the condition of the attic.

Choosing the Right Attic Stairs

If the space in your house is big, you feel free to use L, closed U, or opened U staircase shape. For the material, you enable to choose wood or iron when your house is still under construction. If your space is limited, you can choose spiral stairs. It will only take space of 120 cm x 120 cm and no more than 1.5 m x 1.5 m. Iron usually used as the material of this type of attic stairs.

heavy duty attic stairs pull down

If it is still difficult to provide the spiral, the last alternative is using pull down attic stairs. It is practical and be another safe way to reach the attic. You do not need to provide any space since it only needs a square hole at the ceiling of the lower floor and is covered by plywood. Use one piece stair or stepladder. To reach the attic, you just have to pull the handle and it will smoothly move up and down from the ceiling. This kind of stairs is exactly special manufactured as attic stairs.

Description: Attic stairs is one important aspect to reach the attic. By choosing the right stairs, you can maximize the room in your house and so do go to the attic easily.

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