Pear Shaped Engagement Ring: Your General Guide

pear shaped engagement ring set

Also called as the teardrop diamond due to its shape, pear shaped engagement ring is actually a combination cut between the marquise and the classic round-brilliant. The round-brilliant cut thus allows this particular cut to expose plenty of wonderful flash and sparkle while taking simple setting to a whole different level without being too much.

Beautiful Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Turns out, the pear shaped engagement ring has a particular meaning from its shape. The pear shaped engagement ring meaning often refers to woman whose standard for herself and everybody around her is high. However, after all, it’s a matter of personal preference so that said meaning doesn’t always serve true. Remember that there are various factors taken into account when buying engagement ring.

1 carat pear shaped engagement ring

Quality and choosing the highest grade cut you manage to afford are still two essentials when choosing pear engagement ring. This cut is prone to two cutting problems: the uneven shoulders and bow-tie effect. Luckily, such potential problems are visible so you do not need to be an expert to spot either of them. And last but not least, either as a solitaire or even with accent stones, the pear shaped engagement ring is always a wonderful choice for non-traditional shape selection.

Description:Pear shaped engagement ring is a great choice if you are not opting for the traditional diamond shape, either with or without accent stones to adorn the band.

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