Garage Door Styles and Types You Have to Know

double garage door and white garage doors could be an option for those who have a car and a motorcycle

In general, there are only four basic garage door styles you can find on the market. They are the swing up, swing out, slide to the side, and roll up. Choosing the right garage door among those garage door types is always important since it can always affect the functionality of your garage and the convenience.

Common Garage Door Styles

The swing-out garage door styles are also known as sliding barn doors. They are a great choice if you wish to keep the ceiling of your garage clear. Apart from that, the swing out carriage house garage door has a unique look. Meanwhile, the roll-up door is probably the most popular option for a garage door. If you decide to install this one, be sure to measure the space between the ceiling or overhead framing and the top of your door opening.

used by many people with garage door styles made of glass and wood garage doors

When choosing the right garage door, there are many important considerations you need to take into account. Without a doubt, your budget is one of them. Mind the exterior style of your house too so the garage door can complement it. Think about how you use the garage door when choosing from the garage door styles, as well as which material option you should pick.

Description: Garage door styles are divided into four basic types. They are the swing-out, swing-up, sliding, and roll up. Mind the important factors too when buying.

Gallery of Garage Door Styles and Types You Have to Know


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