Containers Homes Design: Some of Best Innovations ever


Containers homes design is one of the unique innovations in the field of home and decor. This innovation is quite popular, especially in America and Europe. Using the container as a place to live can be a solution to overcome the increasingly expensive land prices and minimize disasters such as earthquakes because of its shape. It is like blocks that are arranged and combined into one.

A Parade of Creative Containers Homes Design

The first containers homes design is in Portugal called Studio Arte Nomad Living. Use a small orange colored container, the object is transformed into a comfortable guesthouse with glass windows as high as the nearly height of the container. Moved to California, there is cargo container house which is more like a tree house because of the color of tree trunks. It is also located in the middle of a forest. Worth at $ 250,000, this home used six cargo containers.

storage containers converted to homes

There is also a container guesthouse in Texas that is tiny with vegetation planted on the roof. MaisonConteneur in Canada is also amazing. Come with luxurious design with the addition of wood panels as a sense of rustic. The bathroom is also designed in blend with nature because it has a glass garage door that can be opened widely. Many other inspiring modern homes containers you may like. Which containers design homes would you like to live in?

Description: Containers homes design comes with unique innovations to overcome some problems like higher land prices and disaster. Some creative designs exist in the world.

Gallery of Containers Homes Design: Some of Best Innovations ever


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