Celtic Wedding Ring Sets and Engagement Ring Symbolism

celtic claddagh ring

The Celtic wedding ring sets are available in many different options. You can find the Celtic wedding rings showing the basic circular shape as well as the lemniscates, arcs and waves, and spirals. Today, we will share some knowledge about how each shape has its own particular symbolic meaning below.

Different Shapes of Celtic Wedding Ring Sets

The basic open circle Celtic wedding ring setssymbolize completion, wholeness, a perpetual unifying order of cycles, and stillness in motion. Universally, circle is a symbol for the sun, thus also representing the integrated self, awareness, clarity, and completion with renewal. Meanwhile, lemniscates is an ancient symbol for eternity, infinity. The shape hints the joining of two halves and often shown as the meeting of two circles in ancient cultures.

celtic ring knot

Arcs and waves reoccur in sacred symbolism frequently, representing life, the driving force of the order of creation, and the spheres’ music. They suggest water, which is often associated with birth, creativity, and fertility. Last but not least, the spirals have been represented on design of rings ever since prehistoric eras, related to circles and waves. In the end, your choice of which Celtic wedding ring sets to buy will depend on your personal preference and surely your budget.

Description:Celtic wedding ring sets are available in different geometric shapes. It starts from basic circle to lemniscates, arcs, waves, and spirals, each with meaning.

Gallery of Celtic Wedding Ring Sets and Engagement Ring Symbolism


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