Bonsai Tree Guidelines to Grow It Properly

care for bonsai tree

The art of bonsai tree has existed since thousands years ago. Bonsai itself comes from China which is associated with belief of Zen but then growing rapidly in Japan. Bonsai trees look special from other plants. You can use it as home decoration or customary purposes. How to plant it?

How to Grow a Bonsai Tree

Select the type of bonsai tree that is suited to the climatic conditions of your living and where you will put it. Good plants for beginners are juniper because it can survive in all climates. Some other plants that you can choose are spruce, pine, gardenia, ginkgo, magnolia, oak, and so forth. You have to also select the plant size you want to create. The greater means the longer you have to cut it.

flowering bonsai tree

You should be patient and careful about bonsai tree care if you want to preserve it from seed. It takes approximately 4-5 years to raise it. Do not use fertilizers for 5-6 weeks when the plants are adapting to the new pot. Always make sure to put it on warm temperature. Water it regularly but not excessive so the plants do not rot. You also need to regularly replace the bonsai pot until it reaches to the size you want. Let the upcoming bonsai tree grows until the next season before you decide to cut it to be a bonsai.

Description: Bonsai tree has existed since thousands years ago. It grows rapidly around the world. There are some guidelines about how to grow a bonsai tree properly.

Gallery of Bonsai Tree Guidelines to Grow It Properly


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