Bonsai Plants: Some Types may Captivate Your Heart

types of bonsai plants

Art of bonsai plants is already famous around the world. This plant has a special aura at the first sight. Chinese people in ancient times believed that those who maintain bonsai for a long time will receive eternal blessings. This is because they believe that the miniature tree is the bridge that connects the God with humans and the earth with heaven.

Types that can be used as Bonsai Plants

Specifically in the tropical climate area, one of the types of bonsai plants is a tamarind tree. Its roots are hard and strong that fits to be bonsai. The next is a banyan tree because the leaves grow in dense. The roots are easily formed and can adjust well even in a limited area. Spruce is also renowned as a good candidate for bonsai plants. It has hard stalks, resistant to pests and dryness, and can be engraved.

japanese bonsai plants

The next is the orange tree. Combination of dwarf plant with fresh colored fruit of orange makes it interesting. For the size and color of the fruit, you can choose depending on the species. Between species of Palmae, palm trees are most easily used as bonsai. Just choose the type that has a small fruit. Pine tree is popular too. It is often found in mountain forests. Its leaves shape resembles to a needle that is so unique. The trunks are also hard and straight. There are many other types of bonsai plants which must be adapted to the climate if you are going to maintain them.

Description: Bonsai plants are already famous around the world. It has special aura and belief. In the tropical area, there are some types of plants that are popular.

Gallery of Bonsai Plants: Some Types may Captivate Your Heart


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